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TRAC's Project Wins Second Place at 31st Scientific Initiation Seminar

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Rashmi Singh and TRAC's intern, Lucas Valle, have received outstanding recognition. Their research project secured second place at the 31º Seminário de Iniciação Cientifica at PUC Minas.

Project Title: "O Papel das Fronteiras do Brasil em Facilitar o Crime e o Comércio Ilegal de Mercadorias" (The Role of Brazil's Borders in Facilitating Crime and Illegal Trade in Goods)

The project's primary objective was to map the border regions of the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraná, with a focus on the incidence of illegal trade. The research team, composed of Lucas Valle, Luiz Correa, and Yuri Freitas, utilized a wide range of indicators to assess illegal trade in various products, including drugs, weapons, contraband, wildlife, flora, and even human trafficking. Through a meticulous analysis of the collected data, they aimed to define the routes and key characteristics of illegal trade in the studied regions. Additionally, the project sought to associate the results of their analysis with data concerning the presence and modus operandi of criminal organizations in the region.

The research methodology primarily relied on an extensive literature review, with a strong emphasis on database analysis, reports from public and non-governmental organizations, academic articles, and books by esteemed authors in the field. To ensure precision and reliability, journalistic sources were treated separately, considering their potential for providing content in a non-systematic manner and their proximity to primary sources.

The project's success is a testament to the dedication and expertise of Dr. Rashmi Singh and TRAC's research team. Lucas Valle represented TRAC and presented the research project during the award ceremony.

For those interested in exploring the details of this pioneering project, you can download the presentation in Portuguese.

Congratulations to Dr. Rashmi Singh, Lucas Valle, Luiz Correa, and Yuri Freitas for this well-deserved recognition.

Download PDF • 45.52MB


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