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III TRAC Forum: Terror-Crime Nexus

The III TRAC Forum was held on September 26 and 27, 2019, at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC MINAS), and once again demonstrated TRAC's unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between theory, practice, and policy in the areas of terrorism, radicalization, and organized crime. With over 70 experts, researchers, and practitioners from institutions around the world, and support from the prestigious journal Perspectives on Terrorism, the forum focused on the complex nexus between terrorism and organized crime.

During the event, distinguished speakers explored crucial topics, including:

  • Dr Matthew Levitt, remotely connecting from The Washington Institute, delved into "Hezbollah's Operational Networks in the Western Hemisphere."

  • Dr Rashmi Singh, examined "Cultural Genocide and Terrorism Financing," emphasizing the need for a normative architecture to combat the erasure of history by the Islamic State.

  • Col Sara Dudley, representing USSOCOM, led a discussion on "Countering the Convergence of Criminal, Corruption, and Terror Networks," drawing insights from academic, law enforcement, and military perspectives.

  • Dr Louise Shelley, from George Mason University, discussed her latest book "Dirty Entanglements: Corruption, Crime, and Terrorism."

  • Michael Miklaucic, from the National Defense University, provided perspectives on the "Network of Networks and the New Paradigm," examining concepts of disorder and dark order.

  • Camila Nunes Dias, from the Federal University of ABC, presented an examination of "The Production of Bonds, Identity Construction, and Group Cohesion Maintenance" in the competitive realm of criminal economics.

  • Guilherme Damasceno, from the Federal Police, provided a comprehensive analysis of "The Prison System as a Facilitator of the Terror-Crime Nexus."

As a result of the conference and in collaboration with the journal Perspectives on Terrorism, a special issue was published. It was edited and organized by the TRAC founders, Dr Rashmi Singh and Dr Jorge Lasmar, further emphasizing the significant contributions made during the forum.

The III TRAC Forum continued its tradition of fostering in-depth discussions and knowledge exchange on vital topics related to terrorism and organized crime. The collaboration with Perspectives on Terrorism (PoT), through the special issue edited and organized by Dr. Rashmi Singh and Dr. Jorge Lasmar, solidified the impact of this event in advancing research and understanding in these critical fields.

The PoT Special Issue can be accessed at: link


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