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II TRAC Forum: International Security

The II TRAC Forum took place on October 28, 2018, at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC Minas). This edition once again reaffirmed TRAC's commitment to bridging the gap between theory, practice, and policy in the realms of terrorism, radicalization, and organized crime. The event brought together students, academics, practitioners, and policymakers, providing a platform for the exchange of analyses and knowledge.

The II TRAC Forum featured an impressive lineup of speakers who delved into a variety of critical topics. Aaron Zelin from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy explored the phenomenon of foreign fighters associated with the Islamic State in North Africa. Guilherme Damasceno from the Federal Police of Brazil discussed Jihadism as a counter-cultural movement, offering unique insights into its evolution. Juan Ricardo Gomez Hecht from the College of Advanced Strategic Studies shed light on criminal insurgency in El Salvador. Additionally, Hermínio Joaquim de Matos from the Institute of Superior Police Sciences and Internal Security (ISCPSI) in Portugal provided valuable insights into Jihadism in Europe. Malek Twal from the Embassy of Jordan shared knowledge about radicalization and de-radicalization efforts.

These distinguished speakers were warmly welcomed by the hosts and co-founders of TRAC, Dr. Rashmi Singh and Dr. Jorge Lasmar. Their contributions to these important discussions helped further our understanding of the complex challenges posed by terrorism, radicalization, and organized crime.

The II TRAC Forum once again served as a testament to TRAC's ongoing commitment to fostering dialogues, sharing knowledge, and addressing crucial international issues.


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